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Energy Savings Opportunities

Are you interested in reducing your energy costs?

Currently, there are a number of opportunities designed to help you cut your energy costs by increasing your home's energy efficiency. Federal, state and local programs are available to assist in everything from energy audits and weatherization to rebates and tax credits for the purchase of energy efficient appliances.

To make life easier, we have compiled a list of resources* that can help you save money: - Your one-stop shop for money saving state incentives targeted at renewable and energy efficiency for your home or commercial property. -  Discover the importance of choosing cost- saving Energy Star products, and learn about Energy Star rebates as well as excellent energy savings tips. - Get a list of state and local incentives designed to assist you in saving money and reducing energy consumption. - Develop an energy plan to reduce your household֒s energy consumption. - Find out if your home qualifies for a comprehensive energy audit or other income eligible programs designed to assist households with energy costs - Get detailed information about what an energy audit is, how to find an energy auditor and what qualifications to look for in an energy auditor.

* New Hampshire Housing offers these sites for informational purposes only. The agency does not promote or endorse any particular website.