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Homebuyer Q & A

Do I need to take a homebuyer education course?

Yes, and no. While it is not necessary for our Home Flex product, we encourage our borrowers to be as informed as possible about the home buying process -- knowledge is the key to success! If you use our Home Preferred or Home Flex with cash assistance mortgage product, homebuyer education is required. Also, if you purchase a 2-4 family home under any of our mortgage programs, landlord education is required.

How do I find a lender if I don't already have one?

Please take a look at our list of Participating Lenders. These individuals are extremely familiar with New Hampshire Housing's mortgage products, and they would be happy to speak with you.

How do I apply for downpayment assistance?

If you qualify for our Home Flex mortgage, you are automatically eligible for our cash assistance program. No additional paperwork required!

Can I use downpayment assistance if I want to buy a 2 or 3 family home?

Yes, New Hampshire Housing allows home buyers to purchase 1 to 4 family owner-occupied properties using downpayment assistance.

Can I have someone co-sign on my loan?

No, co-signers are not allowed. A co-signer is a person with strong credit and/or assets who signs the loan for the sole purpose of helping a borrower secure financing. New Hampshire Housing believes that if a homebuyer is not able to proceed without a co-signer, they probably need some more time to become ready for homeownership.

My credit is not very good, can I still get a mortgage with New Hampshire Housing?

Our recommendation is to speak with one of our Participating Lenders who will be able to explain what your options are and provide guidance.

Can I buy a mobile home, condo or condex through New Hampshire Housing?

For answers to specific questions you may have about these properties, please contact one of our Participating Lenders.