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Online Education

New Hampshire Housing believes that homebuyer education is an important first step to purchasing and even refinancing your own home. Although face-to-face learning is the best opportunity for an interactive and meaningful experience, we understand that classroom-style education may not fit everyone's lifestyle or schedule. If you are unable to attend a face-to-face class, there are several websites that offer online first-time homebuyer education. 

Click here for free online landlord education.

Homeownership Education

A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to buying a home. This course will familiarize you with the different steps of the homebuying process.  In fact homebuyer education may even be required for your loan product.  This course may satisfy that requirement.  Check with your mortgage lender to find out which online education programs they accept.

Home Start Homebuyer Tax Credit

This online training is a requirement to be eligible for the Home Start Homebuyer Tax Credit Program.  The Homebuyer Tax Credit program makes homeownership for first-time homebuyers more affordable by potentially reducing their Federal income taxes and increasing their take-home pay.

Find Financial Freedom

This program provides a unique opportunity to get the knowledge, tools and services you need to manage your finances, improve your credit-worthiness, and maintain your household budget on a secure website with no distracting advertisements.

Home Flex Purchase Rehabilitation Program

Not every home that is on the market is move-in ready.  Sometimes a house needs a few repairs to make it a perfect home.  That is where New Hampshire Housing’s Home Flex Purchase Rehabilitation Loan Program may help.

With this online training you will learn about your responsibilites under the Home Flex Purchase Rehabilitation Loan Program.