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Homeowner Programs

Mortgage Programs for Existing Homeowners

Our mortgage programs are not just for first-time anymore!  Individuals who have owned a home in the past may now use our great mortgage programs to purchase a principal residence.  Some of the features of our programs include:

  • 30- year fixed rates with 0 points;
  • Low downpayment requirements;
  • Cash assistance for downpayment and closing costs (not available on refinances or with our Home Preferred mortgage); and
  • Funds to help with renovations when you purchase a fixer-upper.

Refinance Options

Are you looking to refinance your mortgage?  Whether you have a loan with us or not you may qualify to refinance your current mortgage with New Hampshire Housing.

Home Flex Streamline refinancing: If you currently have a loan that is government insured through Rural Development (USDA/RD), the Veterans Administration (VA), or the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) then you may qualify for our Home Flex Streamline refinancing.   Home Flex Streamline refinancing features low interest rates and no appraisal requirements. This product is only available for owner-occupied, principal residence properties.

Home Preferred refinancing: New Hampshire Housing is now able to offer a conventional refinancing option that offers up to 97% loan-to-value (LTV) with a “preferred” low mortgage insurance coverage requirement.  With the Home Preferred product borrowers are allowed limited cash out.  This product is only allowed on owner-occupied, principal residences.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these two great refinancing options, simply contact us by e-mail or call us directly at 1-800-649-0470.

Emergency Home Repair Loan

Did your furnace blow up? Did your septic system fail? Do you need to dig a new well? Often times, large and unexpected expenses come up when you own a home, and you don't always have the ability to pay for those needed expenses. As a New Hampshire Housing borrower, you may qualify for our Emergency Home Repair Loan (EHRL).

Please keep in mind that:

  • You must have a New Hampshire Housing mortgage.
  • There must be an emergency or other event that occurred in your home that was not covered by insurance and now affects the livability of your home.

Benefit of this program:

  • You may qualify for up to $15,000, at an affordable interest rate, for up to a 15 year term, to handle a serious emergency.

For more information about this program, contact us directly at 1-800-649-0470 or e-mail us.

Other Programs for Existing Homeowners

HomeHelpNH - Counseling for At-Risk Homeowners

HomeHelpNH is statewide network of free, independent counselors who can provide borrowers with professional pre- and post-foreclosure counseling services. These services including reviewing mortgage documents, studying budget options, exploring mortgage modification, and referring clients to legal services available to at-risk homeowners.

Homeowners may call 2-1-1 from anywhere in the state to receive referrals to a counselor in their area or, for those who qualify, to free or low-cost legal services.  Additionally, at-risk homeowners may also go to for more information about pre- and post-foreclosure counseling services available in the state.

HomeHelpNH is sponsored by the New Hampshire Department of Justice, New Hampshire Banking Department and New Hampshire Housing. The initiative’s goal is to help at-risk homeowners find solutions through free, comprehensive pre- and post-foreclosure counseling. For more information, go to or dial 2-1-1.

New Hampshire Housing Lead Hazard Control Program

Grant funding may be available to remove lead paint hazards from your 'pre-1978' property.  To learn more download the New Hampshire Housing Lead Hazard Control brochure found at