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Home Flex Plus

Home Flex Plus provides cash funds equal to a maximum of 3% of the loan amount to help borrowers defray the cost of downpayment, closing costs, and prepaid escrow expenses associated with purchasing a home.

Home Flex Plus is offered exclusively through New Hampshire Housing to help homebuyers overcome the hurdle of saving funds for the large upfront costs necessary to get into homeownership.

Home Flex Plus feature:

  • Cash funds at closing equal to 3% of the loan amount;
  • There is no repayment requirement on the cash assistance;
  • Flexible underwriting criteria;
  • Government insurance;
  • May be used for purchase or refinancing; and
  • No rate adjustments for credit or other overlays.

No cash back is allowed at closing and homebuyer education is required.

Income and all other guidelines follow the Home Flex mortgage program.

There is no monthly payment on the cash help portion. Cash funds are available exclusively on home purchases.

The Home Flex products can be combined with FHA, VA of USDA/Rural Development insurance programs.

To apply for the program, contact one of our participating lenders. For more information about cash assistance, contact New Hampshire Housing's Homeownership Division at 1-800-649-0470.