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Homebuyer and Financial Counseling

Are you still trying to decide if homeownership is right for you?  Do you need guidance in getting mortgage-ready?  Do you need help with your credit or budgeting?  Let a qualified Homeownership Advisor help you to YOMO!

A HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency may be able to offer you:

  • Homebuyer education;
  • Credit and budget counseling;
  • Guidance on the pros and cons of purchasing a home;
  • Explanation of the four C's of credit: Capital, Credit, Capacity, and Collateral;
  • Help getting ready for loan pre-approval by a lender;
  • Explanation of the homebuying process, from beginning of your home search through the mortgage closing; and
  • Guidance through the mortgage process.

These agencies offer free counseling services and they can assist you with budgeting needs, credit repair, and homeownership advice and education needs.

If you need free, unbiased homeownership counseling contact one of the state's HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agencies today!